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4 Striking Font Presentations & Free Downloads

If like me, you too are always on the look out for new fonts that stand out, you’ll love these.
I chose to include these not just because of how the fonts look but also because of the way they are presented.

No matter what you do, how you present your work can really make a difference.
Free download links to all 4 fonts are at the end of the post.

Besom Font

Besom is a beautiful wet brush/paint font. And what’s great is it’s free because with brush fonts really in style right now, you want them but might not want to spend a lot on buying them. Source & Full Presentation: Behance


Striking font combinations


Pier Font

Pier is a very clean and professional font, pefect for posters, flyer, business cards and more. Source & Full Presentation: Behance


Striking free font combinations


Hecatoncheir Font

Inspired by the Greek Myth of the three giants Hecatonchires, each of them having a hundred hands and fifty heads. This typeface has several versions of the same letter. Source & Full Presentation: Behance


Opium Font

Opium Roadie is a font made by DavidisCreative. The inspiration come from the lounge 60’s typo. Source & Full Presentation: Behance

Free striking font downloads

Download all fonts → Besom | Pier | Hecatoncheir | Opium Roadie