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3 Tips to Make Your Woocommerce Shop Buyer-Friendly

Okay, so you’ve set up your shop on WordPress using the leading e-commerce plugin – Woocommerce. Now what? Waiting for customers to start shopping on your site? Well, it might not be that easy. It takes hard work to get potential customers to your shop and to encourage them to go ahead and actually buy something they like.

I have been designing and developing online shops for more than 7 years now. My experience has taught me a lot in terms of what shop owners want and how to build a platform that can make that happen. I hope my tips on how to Make Your Woocommerce Shop Buyer-Friendly will help you along your process.

WooCommerce Category Banner

In case you don’t know already, if you go to ‘Products’ > ‘Categories’ and click on the ‘View’ button for any category, it takes you to the category archive page. This is basically a page showing all products listed under that particular category. You can use the URL of this page to add a link to your product categories directly in your site’s main menu.

Though this (let’s call it method One) is the simplest way to do this, it has limitations. Because this product category archive page is a dynamically generated page and not an ACTUAL editable page in your WordPress admin, you don’t have much control over the way it displays your content.

The other way to do this (let’s call it method Two) which gives you more control over the page but is much more tedious to set up, is creating a new page and adding one of the Woocommerce built-in shortcodes to display your category products. In addition to be being a time-consuming task, this approach also has a limitation in that Woocommerce shortcodes currently do not come with a pagination option. So if you setup a page to show all your products in say the category ‘Books’, it will show all of them one after the other with no way for your visitor to jump to next pages.

So, basically the way to go is method One – using the default ‘Products’ > ‘Categories’ links to take your visitor to the category archive pages. So I started looking for a way, to make these default category pages a little more interesting. That’s when I found the WooCommerce Category Banner plugin. This little plugin lets you upload an image banner for each of your product category pages. The banner images you upload show up at the top of your page content so that they do not mess with your existing layout. You can see this plugin in action here on our Logo Design shop category page. The banner image here is generated using this plugin.

WooCommerce Product Filter

For years I have been looking for a plugin that will help me get rid of my shop sidebar but retain the cool built-in price filtering option and may be even add more options. This seemed to require a custom code because with no sidebar, the filtering option will have to be displayed at the to of the product list.

The solution is to install the WooCommerce Product Filter. This is a plugin that you can install out-of-the-box. It displays an easy-to-use filtering options panel on your shop pages by default however, you can also turn off the default option and use their shortcode to display the panel wherever you want. Below is an example of how this options panel looks/works. Click on the image to zoom. By default, you can show the Filter Products heading with a drop down icon on page load so the entire panel will open only after a user clicks on the icon to filter.

YITH Woocommerce Wishlist

This plugin gives your visitors a quick way to add any product they like to their wishlist so they can come back later and make their purchase. Works great , looks great.

Over To You

Have you made any special changes to help boost sales from your online store? Do share!